2005 Dyna Lowrider

This bike is what we like to call a Ripper! It came to us with a built 107, 5-speed motor. Everything was chrome, polished or stainless. We removed everything that was silver and powdercoated it gloss black.

To help it stand out from the rest of the black bikes out there, we handed the tins to our in-house painter Chris and he added some clean gold details to match the custom, one-off wheels and rotors. Having our paint shop under the same roof as our service shop, he was able to match the gold stripe perfectly to the gold wheels.

We also swapped out the stock 39mm front end for a 49mm front end from an 06-17 Dyna.

With the built motor and our sick, hand built exhaust, this thing rips everywhere it goes!

Handlebars: Imzz Elite Legacy Risers / Imzz Elite Moto Bars / Gooden Tite Bushing / ARP Riser Bolts

Grips: Biltwell Alumicore Grips

Rear Fender: Imzz Elite Full Rear Fender Conversion Kit, Painted to match / Curved Laydown License Plate Frame / Low Pro Integrated Smoked Taillight

Wheels: Imzz Elite “Super Star” Custom Wheels 21″/18″, Black w/Gold contrast Ano finish

Tires: Metzeler Marathon Ultra

Braking: Imzz Elite “Super Star” Custom Rotors to match wheels w/Black/Gold contrast ano / Brembo Calipers / EBC Brake Pads

Front Suspension: Patriot Genisis SpringsBel-Ray Fork Oil Elite DLC Fork Tubes (49MM front end from a 06-17 Dyna Lowrider w/Dual Caliper Legs)

Fairing: Imzz Elite T-Sport Fairing

Footpegs: Imzz Elite Shin Splitter Pegs in Gold

Air Cleaner: Arlen Ness Big Sucker Stage 1 / Imzz Elite Warbird Billet Air Cleaner Cover

Seat: Imzz Elite x Saddlemen Signature Warbird Seat in Tuck N roll

Exhaust: Imzz Elite Big Dick Exhaust in Stainless

ARP Hardware: Fender Strut Bolts Center Console Bolt Shock Hardware / Front Caliper Bolts  / Rear Rotor Bolts / Front Rotor Bolts / 1-Click Motor Kit / Footpeg Mounting Bolt Kit

Motor: 107 Built motor

Trans: 5 Speed

Points Cover: Thrashin Dished Points Cover

Rear Suspension: Fox Factory IFP-QSR Shocks for Dyna

Driveline: Imzz Elite Chain Drive Conversion