TriNova Cleaner & Conditioner


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TriNova Vinyl and Faux Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Perfect for cleaning your Imzz Elite Signature seat or any factory or aftermarket vinyl seat.

Keep your seat looking good with this quick-dry cleaner and conditioner.

  • Effectively lifts dirt and grime from your vinyl or faux leather seat, clearing away mild stains.
  • Provides the moisture your seat needs to prevent cracking and fading, keeping it looking like new for years to come.
  • Safe and suitable for any vinyl surfaces or products you may have on your bike, in your car and around your home.
  • Quickly absorbs into the material so that you can get back on it and go for a ride. You won’t have to worry about avoiding your seat for hours on end. Just apply, let dry, and you’re done.

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 3 in


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